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Publié le 4 février 2012

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit est un outil permettant le déploiement d'OS Microsoft Windows. Il peut déployer Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 et Windows Server 2008 R2. Les Drivers, les Updates Windows et les logiciels peuvent être inclues dans l'installation.

Nous allons ici voir comment installer des package MSI durant l'installation.

Ajoutez des applications

Préparer l'installation de Package MSI

Cliquez droit sur "Applications" puis sélectionnez "New Application".

Cliquez sur suivant.

Ecrivez le répertoire source de l'application.

Renseignez un nom à cette application pour l'identifier dans MDT.

Normalement, pour une installation de package MSI, la commande d'installation silencieuse est la suivante: msiexec /qb /i
Ci-dessous, les commandes d'aide d'installation d'un Package MSI:
Windows ® Installer. V 5.0.7601.17514

msiexec /Option [Optional Parameter]

Install Options
Installs or configures a product
Administrative install - Installs a product on the network
/j [/t ] [/g ]
Advertises a product - m to all users, u to current user

Uninstalls the product
Display Options
Quiet mode, no user interaction
Unattended mode - progress bar only
Sets user interface level
n - No UI
b - Basic UI
r - Reduced UI
f - Full UI (default)
Help information
Restart Options
Do not restart after the installation is complete
Prompts the user for restart if necessary
Always restart the computer after installation
Logging Options
i - Status messages
w - Nonfatal warnings
e - All error messages
a - Start up of actions
r - Action-specific records
u - User requests
c - Initial UI parameters
m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
o - Out-of-disk-space messages
p - Terminal properties
v - Verbose output
x - Extra debugging information
+ - Append to existing log file
! - Flush each line to the log
* - Log all information, except for v and x options
Equivalent of /l*
Update Options
/update [;Update2.msp]
Applies update(s)
/uninstall [;Update2.msp] /package
Remove update(s) for a product
Repair Options
Repairs a product
p - only if file is missing
o - if file is missing or an older version is installed (default)
e - if file is missing or an equal or older version is installed
d - if file is missing or a different version is installed
c - if file is missing or checksum does not match the calculated value
a - forces all files to be reinstalled
u - all required user-specific registry entries (default)
m - all required computer-specific registry entries (default)
s - all existing shortcuts (default)
v - runs from source and recaches local package
Setting Public Properties

Consult the Windows ® Installer SDK for additional documentation on the command line syntax.
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