Microsoft Azure Blog

  • Digital distribution centers—The future is here
    par Bert Van Hoof le 15 juillet 2019 à 15 h 00 min

    The pace of change has never been as fast as it is now. Globally, the population is becoming more urban and income levels are rising. By 2050, nearly 70 percent of the global population will live in cities or urban areas—that’s six billion people. […]

  • Introducing proximity placement groups
    par Ziv Rafalovich le 15 juillet 2019 à 9 h 00 min

    The performance of your applications is central to the success of your IT organization. Application performance can directly impact your ability to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately grow your business. […]

  • Enhancing the customer experience with the Azure...
    par Yousef Khalidi le 15 juillet 2019 à 8 h 00 min

    We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and allow our partners to complement our offerings. In support of these efforts we are sharing the Azure Networking Managed Service Provider (MSP) program along with partners that deliver value added managed cloud network services to […]

  • Advancing Microsoft Azure reliability
    par Mark Russinovich le 15 juillet 2019 à 6 h 00 min

    Reliance on cloud services continues to grow for industries, organizations, and people around the world. So now more than ever it is important that you can trust that the cloud solutions you rely on are secure, compliant with global standards and local regulations, keep data private and protected, […]

  • Exploring the Microsoft Healthcare Bot partner...
    par Adam Walker le 12 juillet 2019 à 10 h 00 min

    Every day, healthcare organizations are beginning their digital transformation journey with the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service built on Azure. The Healthcare Bot service empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered, compliant, conversational […]

  • Enhancing Microsoft's commercial marketplace for...
    par Charlotte Yarkoni le 11 juillet 2019 à 12 h 02 min

    As we head into global partner conference Microsoft Inspire (July 14-18, 2019), the focus is how to help drive more collaboration with and between our partner community and the Microsoft customer base. […]

  • Announcing preview of Azure Data Share
    par Mike Flasko le 11 juillet 2019 à 12 h 01 min

    Collaborating on data across organizations and integrating it into business decision making is foundational to digital transformation initiatives in organizations. To enable rich data collaboration, a new capability is needed to make sharing data of any size and shape, simple and governed. […]

  • Ensuring customer success: Introducing the Azure...
    par Julia White le 11 juillet 2019 à 12 h 01 min

    Last July, I shared our approach to helping customers migrate to Azure. Today, we are bringing together a best practice-based, holistic experience for migrating existing applications and systems to Azure. […]

  • How Azure Lighthouse enables management at scale...
    par Mark Russinovich le 11 juillet 2019 à 12 h 00 min

    Inspired by Azure partners who continue to incorporate infrastructure-as-code and automation into their managed service practices, Azure Lighthouse introduces a new delegated resource concept that simplifies cross-tenant governance and operations. […]

  • Introducing the new Azure Migrate: A hub for your...
    par Abhishek A. Hemrajani le 11 juillet 2019 à 12 h 00 min

    Moving on-premises apps and data to the cloud is a key step in our customers’ migration journey, and we’re committed to helping simplify that process. Earlier this year, we invited customers to participate in the preview of multiple new migration capabilities. […]